About Our Acupuncturist

Dr. Scott Richardson, DAOM

Introducing Scott Richardson, our acupuncturist, and founder at our clinic here in Denver.

Dr. Richardson has six years of graduate and post-graduate education in acupuncture and dry needling therapy. In addition to the four-year masters program in San Diego CA, Scott also studied at ChengDu University in China, treated patients at the University Hospital, did an apprenticeship in Taipei Taiwan, and studied for an additional 2 years in a post-graduate program in acupuncture. He has over 15 years experience treating athletes and will often combine multiple modalities like manual therapy, acupuncture, dry needling, injection therapy, and sports taping to achieve effective and long-lasting results.

As an Ironman triathlete and acupuncturist, Scott has a unique insight into the needs of athletes and active people. Whether someone is a professional athlete with a very specific exercise regime or a weekend warrior, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are both a great way to keep their body in balance and in the healthiest condition possible. One of the main reasons Scott chose to move to the Denver was due to its reputation for healthy, active communities.

In addition to his extensive training and experience, Scott also served as President of the Acupuncture Association of Colorado. He has worked with many health and medical association around the state, testified before state House and Senate committees, and even helped in writing the acupuncture practice act for the state of Colorado. Contact our acupuncturist to discuss how Denver Sports Acupuncture and Sports Therapy can help you.

Background & Qualifications:

  • Owner, Denver Acupuncture & Sports Medicine
  • Master’s of Science, Traditional Oriental Medicine
    • Pacific College of Oriental Medicine 4 year program
  • International Training program for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine
    • ChengDu University SzeChuan China
  • Holistic Health Practitioner
    • Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
  • Apprenticeship – Taipei Taiwan
  • Internship – UCSD RIMAC (Student Athlete Center)
  • CA Board Certified
  • NCCAOM License (National)
  • CA License
  • CO License
  • Clean Needle Technique Certified
  • President: Acupuncture Association of Colorado
  • Ironman Triathlete
  • Top Ten 30-34 Age Group Finisher
    • Ironman China 2009
  • TCSD’s Most Improved Triathlete of the Year 2009