Aesthetic Injections

Nourish ∙ Hydrate ∙ Repair

Benefits of Our Aesthetic Injections

  • Hydrate and Nourish the Skin
  • Repair Damage that Causes Wrinkles
  • Stimulate Collagen Production
  • Allows for Full Facial Expression
  • Non-Toxic Natural Solution

Just Because You Are as Strong as an Ox
Doesn’t Mean Your Skin Should Look Like One!

Aesthetic Injections

We are all trying to stay looking younger, longer.  There are many choices in both procedures and products that promise these type of results.  Aesthetic Injections are probably the most common.  The benefit of our Aesthetic Injections is that they are all natural, and they don’t paralyze your face.  We use homeopathic solutions to hydrate and nourish the skin while simultaneously stimulating the body to produce it’s own collagen.  This will allow for longer results without the risk of lumps or disfigurement.

Some people think it is odd that a doctor that specializes in sports medicine also does Aesthetic Injections.  Truth is, athletes are hard on their skin.  In my experience, harder on their skin than the average person.  Dr. Scott Richardson DAOM has spent years studying precise injection techniques including Aesthetic Injections that requires getting sterile solutions in to the exact spot that needs it the most.  It is this kind of precision that is required for aesthetic injection.  Dr. Richardson has become so good at it that he is now a NCCAOM certified continuing education provider for other practitioners that want to learn these techniques.


Homeopathic Aesthetic Injections

1 Session $175.   6 Series Treatment: $749.

What is in our Solution


We use all natural products made by GUNA Biotherapeutics sourced from Milan Italy in our Aesthetic Injections.  Our solution is a combination of D6 Collage and MADE formula.  Used together this will provide the skin with the nutrients it needs to hydrate and repair allowing for a completely natural look and glowing skin.

In most cases, it is recommended that a person do a course of 6 treatments with a follow up of 3 treatments 6 months later for best results.  Our Aesthetic Injections with help yo repair damaged skin making you not only look younger, but have healthier skin.

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