Therapeutic B12

Nourish ∙ Energize ∙ Heal

Benefits of Therapeutic B12

  • Increase Energy
  • Improve Mood
  • Strengthen the Nervous System
  • Stay Motivated
  • Support Healthy Diet and Exercise

Keep Motivated to Achieve your Fitness Goals with Therapeutic B12

Therapeutic B12

First, we need to be clear about one thing.  B12 does NOT make you lose weight.  In Fact, if you are not deficient in B12, it won’t do anything for you.  It is quite common that when people are trying to lose weight, they reduce the amount of calories they are eating and start to exercise more.  This can put the body in a deficient state, especially if the diet is not mostly whole foods from organic sources.  Even when they are, foods today only have a fraction of the nutrients of the foods that our grandparents ate. Despite having produce available all year round, it is still very easy to not get enough nutrients we need to perform at our best.

This is where supplementation and specifically vitamin shots come in.   We can make sure we are getting quality nutrients in to the body for it to use.  It can be a great way to improve energy and keep your fitness goals.


Therapeutic B12 Shots:

1 treatment $25.   Buy 5 Get 6th Free

Different Types of B12 Shots

There are 3 Main types of B12.

Cyanocobalamin – Most Common, Cheapest, Synthetic.  We do not stock it

MethylCobalamin – For people with the MTHFR Gene mutation, you NEED this type of B12.  You are not able to absorb B12 effectively and may not get enough of it in your daily nutritional intake.

HydroxoCobalamin – “Slow Release” B12.  Sometimes B12 will just go straight through your body before it can effectively absorb what it needs.  HydroxoB12 take longer to be absorbed and will break down in to MethylCobalamin and AdenosylCobalamin.

Sulfa-Free LypoStat – For those that really want help achieving their weight loss goals we carry a B-Complex that is Sulfa Free.  It will help to curb your appetite while improving energy.  Cost $35/shot

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