Trigger Point Injections

Hydrate ∙ Fuel ∙ Repair

Benefits of Trigger Point Injections

  • Locally Hydrate
  • Fuel Targeted Muscle Repair
  • Natural Vitamin & Electrolyte Injection
  • Speed Tissue Recovery
  • Great for Chronic Muscle Knots

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Trigger Point Injections

Similar to dry needling, we also offer trigger point injections. The procedure starts out the same, only we use a small hypodermic needle instead of the solid acupuncture needle. Then, once we get the muscle to twitch, we inject a small amount of solution directly in to the muscle tissue to nourish the damaged tissue and allow it to recover even faster than dry needling alone.
Many times, coaches or therapists will tell the athlete they need to hydrate to help recover from muscle knots or trigger points. This can be difficult and inefficient to get the fluids and electrolytes to the target area. The advantage of trigger point injections is that we do exactly that! We release the trigger point, and then hydrate the damaged muscle tissue so that it can heal and recover.

Trigger Point Injection:

1 treatment $120. 5 pack $499.

What is in a Trigger Point Injection?

Each provider will use a slightly differ solution in their trigger point injection.  Traditionally a physician would just use straight lidocaine that would also help numb that area that was being treated.  While the lidocaine definitely helps the procedure be more comfortable, we find that adding additional nutrients in to the solution being injected increase the outcomes.  Typically these will include:

  • Dextrose 5%,
  • B12 (hydroxocobalamin)
  • Traumeel – a homeopathic anti-inflammatory

Together this solution works exceptionally well in providing the nutrients the muscles needs to heal and speeds the recovery time of the athlete.

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